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Talk to us about which variety would best suit your requirements. Sizes are: - medium, standard, large (L1), L2, L3, L4.

Available Today: (prices/kg in Australian dollars, excluding packing and postage)

Medium Standard L1 L2 L3 L4
Buffalo Queen            
Red Spanish            
Purtons Pride            
De Coppi Marrone            

Nuts last longer as they come straight from our coolroom at -2° C to you - usually overnight.

As a general rule, every day that chestnuts sit on the ground under the tree takes a week off their storage life. While many large orchards can leave nuts on the ground for up to a fortnight we harvest the whole orchard every 3 days MAX.

We are second-generation chestnut growers who are intent on providing top quality, very fresh, long lasting chestnuts to the public DIRECT.

Freight varies depending on your location - ring or Contact Us for a price

Available March – September (and later by order)

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